Style Fierce, Style Great

Beautiful Things

All products are hand picked by Sarah.

Style & Quality

Unique, beautiful upcycled fashion. Each item comes with a preloved previous life, creating a one of a kind story. Every piece is hand selected and renewed ready for a new loving home. Style fierce, style great.

"Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it’s closets"
Audrey Hepburn

The Story

Started with a passion for finding fashion for less. Transitioning from college student to college graduate, the disposable income available became less and less. Unwilling to let my closet suffer, I started searching for preloved items that I can love as if its been my own since the start. Expanding my closet with beautiful pieces, I became obsessed. I started wanting to share my findings and passion with the world. What's a closet if the contents never see the streets? To create closets around the world drool worthy, without the suffer of your wallet.

Fashion to me is feeling fierce and unbreakable. Confidence can radiate through your soul and into your heart. What you wear and how you feel in it, can move mountains. Everyone deserves to feel as beautiful as they truly are.

You combed your hair inside that mirror, the one you painted blue and glued with jewelry tears. Something about those bright colors, would always make you feel better.
— Bright Eyes

Due to the unique context, each item holds the honorable right to be one of a kind and imperfectly perfect. Flaws may exist, and will be accurately described in listing.