The Wrong Intentions


Haligh failed. I failed. Over two years, selling three items, I have labelled Haligh as a failure. But why? Lack of traffic flow? Small inventory? Bad inventory? Marketing? Or maybe all of the above. I couldn't figure it out for a while. Why Haligh isn't launching, why Haligh isn't becoming what I wanted it to be.

Haligh is boring. Haligh is utterly lame and boring. Nothing special. Nothing exciting. And definitely nothing art worthy. A poor representation of who I, Sarah, am.

Haligh is going to change. I pursued Haligh with the wrong intentions. Selling online is not only a side job for me, but also a hobby. I wanted to make a site of my own that I can control and be in it for myself. My goals were finance driven. Success driven. And when I didn't reach those goals, my passion diminished. I have realized that I came about Haligh wrong. Its time to make it right. Haligh is going to be a portfolio of Sarah. An art exhibit of its own kind. A solid representation of who I am. A little quirky, a little atypical suburban, a little Friday Night regret.

Time to not sell, but to create. Create, Inspire, and Live. Time to create art. You ready?